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About us

CreatSens Health S.L is a spin-off from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Tarragona, Spain, founded in September 2017.

We work on improving the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) by delivering diagnostic tools

to help the healthcare system and better manage the information generated in the primary care centers,

doctor’s office or patient’s home.


Our mission is the development of decentralized diagnostic tools for the monitoring of the most important parameters on CKD, in order to provide real time information to the doctor about their patients and connect them remotely.


We envision a world with personalized medicine, where chronic diseases do not control patients’ lives.


We are a young and passionate team, surrounded by experts on the medical and product development fields, that works restlessly to reach our goals. Our values are simple: trust, passion, innovation, quality, teamwork, commitment and especially, enjoying the experience.


Adrià Maceira

Biotech & MBA CEO

Tomàs Guinovart

PhD in Chemistry & COO

Marta Novell

PhD in Chemistry CTO

Luis Fernando Úbeda

Machine learning Data Scientist


Dr. Josep Maria Campistol

CEO & Nephrologist

Carlos Gallardo

Founder and CEO

Pascal Blondeau

Doctor in Chemistry

Francisco Andrade

Doctor in Chemistry and Leader of Nanosensors group

Josep Lluís Falcó

Regulatory & Fundraising

Dr. Marc Xipell Font


Gustavo Fuster

Lawyer & IP

Fede Segura


Francisco Carrera

Degree in Industrial Design
Product Developer


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logo eit health
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