CreatSens Health S.L is a spin-off from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Tarragona, Spain, founded in September 2017. We work on improving the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) by delivering diagnostic tools to help the healthcare system and better manage the information generated in the primary care centers, doctor’s office or patient’s home.

Home analysis

A new low-cost technology able

to determine the key kidney function

indicators with only a drop of blood

Data exchange

A technological platform

to remotely monitor your health

and increase efficiency of treatments


Improved quality of life by a convenient stay-at-home analysis and real-time connection with the doctor

The point of care device is composed by two different parts: the Rena-reader and the cartridges. The Rena-reader will be reusable for a long period of time (years)  while the cartridges will be for a single use (one per analysis).

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