Fundación Máshumano: Entrevista CEO | Renalyse
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Máshumano Foundation: Interview with the CEO

CreatSens Health was awarded last December by the Premios Jóvenes from Máshumano Foundation in the Bankinter category. And with special Recognition by PONS IP.

CreatSens Health has created the Renalyse platform for the development of innovative technology that allows remote monitoring of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

This project was the winner in the Bankinter category of the Máshumano Youth Social Entrepreneurship Award 2020. In addition, within this award, it has also obtained the PONS IP Special Recognition, for the “Protection of Innovation”. And the Arrabe Integra Innovative Entrepreneurship Award.

Renalyse was born from the initiative to monitor and analyze the health status of people with CKD. Through a technology that is made up of a paper sensor, it is capable of providing precise monitoring of the level of certain biomarkers. The sensor connects to a user-friendly device, connected to the cloud platform.

This unique and patented approach enables the determination of various biomarkers outside of the laboratory. In this way, it is intended to develop a novel device that can measure the levels of biomarkers in blood in a simple, robust, fast and accurate way in a single analysis.

The advantage of Renalyse is that, in addition to being much cheaper than what currently is on the market, it establishes a direct relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Once the device is ready, the intention is that it will be incorporated into the first “point of care” platform, that an connect doctors and patients remotely with real-time information on the key biomarkers for determining kidney function in patients with CKD through a single drop of blood.

Below, we leave you the video of the interview (in Spanish) that the Fundación Máshumano did with our CEO Adrià Maceira, where he tells us what Renalyse is and how the project grows over time.