ERKSens RETOS - Colaboración 2019 | Renalyse
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ERKSens - RETOS-Colaboración 2019

ERKSens – RETOS-Colaboración 2019

The company CreatSens Health will develop a medical platform to diagnose problems in chronic kidney patients.

Together with Eurecat and the Rovira i Virgili University, through the URV Foundation, the ERKSens project, promoted by the URV spin-off company CreatSens Health, has received 1.3 million euros from the RETOS program to bring a device for the diagnosis and monitoring of hemoglobin and potassium to the market.

The funding received for ERKSens – part grant and part soft loans – will allow a dual sensor to be launched to market. This will allow determination of potassium and hemoglobin in patients with chronic kidney disease. The ERKSens project must allow measurements of these key biomarkers to be carried out from home. The purpose is to be able to provide an immediate response to serious problems that may arise in the home of the patient. The two markers are capable of preventing problems such as arrhythmias, anemia, severe deficiencies or even cardiopulmonary diseases. The main advantage of ERKSens is to provide a faster, more efficient and personalized response in acute episodes of a chronic patient.

This sensor will measure hemoglobin and potassium in the same device. It will be for both personal use, that is, patients will be able to take the measurements at home; or a doctor, from the same primary care consultations. In medical use, in addition to be used in kidney patients, it is also expected to be used by patients with heart disease.

These types of sensors are currently found in laboratories or in hospital devices used in emergencies. But always used by specialists.

The value proposition that CreatSens Health makes, through its commercial brand Renalyse, for products for kidney disease, is that the patient can use it from home, not required to be an expert, cheaper device and results are immediate. In four years, the device will be ready to reach the market through current collaborations. These are maintained by the company with renowned entities such as the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona or Eurecat. On behalf of the URV, the Chemometrics, Qualimetry and Nanosensors research group will also participate.

The developed technology would allow the decentralized and real-time generation of relevant clinical information, which would help the medical specialist in their decision-making and could contribute to optimizing the resources of the health system. The project receives funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Collaboration Challenges call.

More than 90 million chronic patients in the EU

More than 90 million people in the European Union and more than 37 million in the United States have chronic kidney disease, a disease with a very high incidence in the population that alters the function of the kidneys and have very serious implications for Health. The detection and preventive control of this silent disease is crucial since every year millions of those affected die prematurely.

The company CreatSens, led by Adrià Maceira, is focused on controlling the progress of chronic kidney disease through state-of-the-art technological tools that allow the measurement of relevant parameters for patients, in a much simpler way and adapted to home use. They are working on different medical devices, such as one that will allow the measurement of key biomarkers in the development of this disease, through a drop of blood.

Eurecat, with extensive experience in the industrial development of technology, will support the project through the automation, optimization and implementation of industrial processes.



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